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About evolve

The evolve conference serves as a platform for companies, students and the public to come together to educate themselves, to connect with each other and to think outside of the box. We want to empower and inspire individuals and companies to act entrepreneurial and develop innovative solutions in order to tackle societal challenges and evolve.

Whether ... want to experience a different way of doing business and get inspired. want to present an alternative career path and inspire others. want to get expertise and possible funds for your start-up. want to find future social entrepreneurs for your company.

Come and join us for a different kind of conference!


“Every single social and global issue of today is a business opportunity in disguise”

Peter Drucker




Learn about the business opportunities of social entrepreneuship.

Experience a different way of doing business and get inspired.

Explore a career path that tackles societal challenges in a profitable way.

Meet startups, corporates, inspirational speakers and develop relevant contacts.


Connect with interested and inspirational participants and build your network.

Market your start-up to a wide range of students, corporates and others.


Get inputs and expertise for your start-up to take it to the next level.

Innovate, create, and fuse collective ideas.


Meet and aquire talents interested in social entrepreneurship.

Get in touch with innovative start-ups relevant to your business.


Discover current developments and opportunities.

Understand the needs of the future generation.


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