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Journey 2022

The evolve journey is composed of two different parts: the program ‘evolve challenges’ and the ‘evolve conference’ with the overarching mission to empower student change agents by offering hands-on impact entrepreneurship experience.

Evolve challenges

The first part of the evolve journey are the evolve challenges:

  • Your journey starts with the evolve challenges which are real-business challenges given to you and your team of four other motivated students by our partnering impact start-ups which will also function as your personal team mentor.


  • You will work with your team on one challenge throughout four interactive sessions in which you will get to know tools and methods for innovators to reframe your team’s challenge and enter an inventive ideation phase.


  • Finally, you get coached on how to professionally pitch your team’s innovative idea and then get the opportunity to pitch it at our simulated venture capitalist funding round during the evolve conference! 


We are happy to be able to reward you for your efforts by giving you an official certificate which you can use to brush-up your CV!

When? 31.03./21.04./28.04.2022 (each 4-8pm except 28.04. starting 6:30pm) 

Where? ChangeHUB

Real-business challenges

Team of four students

Impact start-ups

Interactive sessions

Tools and methods for innovators

Pitching coaching session 

Pitch during  conference 


Evolve conference

The second part of the evolve journey is the evolve conference: 


The evolve journey goes on during our inspiring two-days conference which will give you insights into the exciting world of impact entrepreneurship. Get inspired by our controversial panel, the simulated venture capital funding round or by various great impact entrepreneurs sharing their personal journey.


When? 27.04. & 28.04.2022 (starting 6:30pm)

Where? To be seen

Two-day   conference 

Insights into impact entrepreneurship

Evolve journey 2022

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Come and join us for the evolve journey 2022!
Take off with evolve

Get your hands on impact entrepreneurship

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