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EVOLVE Conference 2018 - the first edition

These were the best two days of my year - thank you

Jürg Inniger


Program 2018

The first edition of the EVOLVE conference offered broad insights on the diversity of the opportunities within social entrepreneurship. With topics ranging from impact investment, to the use of blockchain for social good and the psychology of change, the conference had everything to inspire it's crowd. Interaction was fostered during the original and enlightening workshops as well as over the evening apéro.

The whole team as well as all of oikos St. Gallen is extremely glad about the success of this pioneering event at the University of St. Gallen.                                     



Eryk Salvaggio

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Panel discussions

Impact Investment

This panel throve to display the different opportunities in impact investment, answered questions regarding the short term and long term return expectancy of such investment strategies and emphasized the importance of  the development of the sector for our society.

Brilliant panellist shared their knowledge and helped to understand the fascinating particularities impact investment has to offer:

Dr. Tillmann Lang, the CEO and a co-founder of inyova AG, a digital wealth manager offering impact investing solutions to mainstream investors and consumers.

Ivo Mulder has initiated a number of innovative projects that develop business cases for the private and finance sector to tackle environmental challenges.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, founding Director of the Humanistic Management Center, an independent think tank, learning institution and advisory firm on business ethics and sustainability.

The Big Merge

Social Entrepreneurship is developing at a staggering speed, gaining recognition and strength within the entire business sector. Indeed, social entrepreneurs work to reduce inefficiencies, find out-of-the-box solutions to our societies problems and reduce useless waste and costs while creating innovative added-value for society. Their knowledge and skills are more and more demanded by larger businesses, who often turn to social entrepreneurs for consulting advice.

For this panel, we invited Benjamin Gräub, from RicoLab an independent radical innovation laboratory, to learn about how his innovation lab works on and achieves radical innovation.

Social Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Where is it coming from, what are its current challenges and opportunities and how could it evolve? This first panel was a special kind of introduction to the ideas and current debates around Social Entrepreneurship - both in academia and within the entrepreneurial community. It is said that "in theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice they are not." In this spirit, this panel interrogated the relationship between the theory and practice of Social Entrepreneurship in an experimental and interactive "flip-the-panel" format. If the goal of panels is to hear differing opinions and debates on critical subjects and current events, in this panel your own theories and assumptions were up for discussion, fired up by the latest academic theses on the topic.

The "flipped panel" involved Friday morning's keynote speakers Marco Righetti & Paolo Del Ponto (Project Aqua) as well as Stephanie Fox (One Solution).

The panel was devised and facilitated by Dr. Björn Müller, who puts theory and practice in a dialogue in his roles as senior researcher at the University of St. Gallen's own Research Institute for Organizational Psychology and as a founding co-director at Zürich-based STRIDE - an impact-driven unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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