EVOLVE Conference 2019 - the second edition

What a great conference. I’m looking forward for next year!

Stefanie Zwicker

Check out the different speakers and topics of the keynotes in 2019:
“Social Ecopreneur” – Why We Need New Terms for a Very Old Concept
Lars Willi (WECONNEX)

How You Can Change the World by Investing
Tillman Lange (YOVA)

Change Management for a More Sustainable Company
Daniel Bartel (Make It)

Collaboration and Social Entrepreneurship Connectivity
Karin Stephan (ZH Impact Hub)
Opening Speech
Ivo Schillig
Closing Speech
Antonio Hautle (UN global impact)
Check out the variety of workshops of the EVOLVE conference 2019:
Smide Friends: How to Involve Customers for Charging and the Maintenance
Tom Lehmann (Smide)

Let Us Walk the Talk! Developing a Project for Carrying out the Message of the EVOLVE Conference
Andrina Brunner (WECONNEX)

A Practical Introduction to Design Thinking
Barbara Schnyder (Sparkworks)

Wait, but What Exactly is a Social Business?!
Nikki Böhler (Cooperative Suisse)

Social Business Modelling - How to Develop a Social Business Idea that is Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals
Melanie Akerboom (Social Innovation Meets School) & Ricardo Silva (Mind the Bridge)

Develop a Business Scenario for a Social Impact Business!
Simon Oschwald & Fabian Engel (Project Circleg)

Circular Economy Incubator 2.0
Laurène Descamps (ZH Impact Hub)

Boosting a Platform Application from a B2B and B2C Perspective
Nina Damaso (Too Good To Go)

Collaboration Programs for Social Entrepreneurs
Rhea Braunwalder (Restessbar)

Environment as a Service (EaaS)
Joel Bloch (Oxygen at work)
Panel Discussions
Check out the interesting panel discussions
of 2019:
Innovation for Social Good?
Cecilia Gamba (LeFil Consulting), Nikki Böhler (Cooperative Suisse)
& Björn Müller (Stride)


Impact Investment
Aimée van der Wolde (Seif), Heinrich Lüthi-Studer (ibee studer), Tina Ruchti (elea)
& Julia Bahlmann


University St. Gallen

Dufourstrasse 50

9000 St. Gallen

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