Mountains in Fog

Team 2021


Alexandra Candea

Project Head

Throughout my bachelor's degree at the HSG, I have become increasingly interested in the notion of business for good and sustainability, and am therefore very happy to be leading this project. I believe startups have the potential to create a strong impact on our environment and society, and therefore hope to inspire and help those who want to be part of the solution that our planet so desperately needs.


Jivan Cheterian

Program Member

I consecrate a significant part of my time to the reading of heterodox and ecological economics in order to broaden my comprehension of future challenges. I am delighted to be part of the Oikos community and hope that together we will build an enabling platform to share and build today’s solution for tomorrow’s challenges.


Livia Mühlheim

Program Member

I am a very openminded and communicative person. Additionally, I love working in a team and I am very happy to do that within evolve. My goal in organizing the conference is to have an impact on changing the economy towards a more sustainable and reasonable one. I want to pass on the message from evolve and I am very happy to get this possibility.


Michèle Wicki

Program Member

As a curious and openminded person I enjoy exploring new places and reading inspiring books. Being part of the oikos evolve team, my goal is to inspire others to learn more about sustainability and its importance as well as social entrepreneurship.


Marie Aymon

Program Member

I joined the team because I believe that without sustainability there is no way forward and I think our generation will be the main driver of change. Platforms like oikos are a great opportunity to shine a light on concepts, start ups and people that strive for a better future. Other than that I love skiing and I’d be very happy if our planet stays cool enough so that we get snow every winter.


Sofia Deblue

Marketing Member

I am particularly interested in understanding how sustainability, responsibility and ethics are addressed in the context of business and economics. This is why I joined the oikos St. Gallen student organization. It goes without saying that I am looking forward to working with a motivated team on the evolve Conference project.


Kim Zeitner

Marketing Member

I joined oikos because I personally believe that sustainability and business need to be merged to generate a favorable future for the next generations. The evolve project is targeting those problems and forces us to think further in the context of social entrepreneurship. I'm very excited to work together with my teamies to help organize the evolve Conference so that everyone can join the conversation.


Alix Reboute

Finance Member

I am dynamic and always open to new opportunities. My French roots led me to develop a passion for the national cuisine and literature. I am also active and enthusiastic, especially when it comes to participating in innovative and meaningful projects. I believe that debating and talking about current issues is fundamental in order to initiate concrete actions, which is what Evolve is all about.


Eino Schulze-Steinen

Finance Member

I love fencing and I am very passionate about German politics. As one member of the finance team of evolve I have the pleasure to ensure that our team has the means to run our conference. I am happy to be a part of the oikos community and hope to see you soon at our evolve conference or another event associated to oikos.