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Picture Rocco.JPG

Rocco Apolloni

Project Head

"I think social entrepreneurship has the potential to shape the world for better, and evolve has the potential to enable students to do so."

Picture Samira.JPG

Samira Keller

Program Member

"I'm happy that by designing and conceptualizing ideas I can serve evolve's purpose of bringing sustainability to a wider public."

Picture Sina.JPG

Sina Willi

Program Member

"I believe that everyone and especially every business student has the potential to make a small contribution to a better world - be it from a social or environmental perspective - and evolve offers a perfect starting point for this."

Picture Federico.JPG

Federico Neri

Program Member

"I like thinking successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place, not just take from it."

Picture Teresa.JPG

Teresa Pastor

Program Member

"I truly stand behind ideas that I am convinced of. Thus, I‘d like to contribute dedication and enthusiasm to evolve 2022."

Picture Jana.JPG

Jana Weise

Program Member

"Bringing joy to people is my personal “why”. Accordingly, I am motivated to create an interactive, diverse and inspirational program together with our team, leaving people with a positive impression of impactful entrepreneurial activities."

Picture Pauline .JPG

Pauline Rosenblatt

Finance Member

"Joining oikos - and more specifically the evolve project - enables me to put the finance skills I acquired during my studies for a meaningful purpose : contributing to help students develop their knowledge of social entrepreneurship."

Picture Olivier.JPG

Olivier Widmer

Finance Member

“The evolve project is the perfect opportunity for me to put my knowledge in finance to practice in view of raising sustainability awareness among businesses and make the world a better place.”

Picture Clau.JPG

Clau Soliva

Marketing Member

"I always wanted to apply my marketing knowledge to assist a sustainable project."

Picture Stéphi.JPG

Stéphanie Brunschwiler

Marketing Member

"Because social responsibility is a matter very close to my heart and I am very much a family person, I would like to help create a social entrepreneurship family through joining evolve."

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