Jivan Cheterian

Program Member

My name is Jivan Chetirian and I am currently studying economics at a bachelor level at HSG. I have the chance and pleasure to be part of the Evolve team as a program member for the organisation of the forthcoming event(s). This means that my role is to contribute in the elaboration of the programm of the Evolve conference and to endeavour to bring forward the most interesting speakers and practitioners of the field. In my view, a knowledge of such topics is necessary for building an understanding of both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. For this reason, I consecrate a significant part of my time to the reading of heterodox and ecological economics in order to broaden my comprehension of those challenges. I am delighted to be part of the Oikos community and hope that together we will build an enabling platform to share and build today’s solution for tomorrow’s challenges.



University St. Gallen

Dufourstrasse 50

9000 St. Gallen

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