Kim Zeitner

Marketing Member

My name is Kim and I'm doing my Bachelor in Business Administration at HSG. Currently, I'm in the third semester and joined oikos St.Gallen because I personally believe that sustainability and business need to be merged to generate a favorable future for the next generations and to preserve our planet. The evolve project is targeting those problems and forces us to think further and discuss possible solutions in the context of social entrepreneurship. I'm very excited to work together with my teamies to help organize the evolve Conference so that everyone can join the conversation. In my free time, I love to be in nature doing sports like golfing, horseback riding or hiking. Moreover, I'm very interested in other cultures. As a result, traveling to various counties, learning about other traditions and tasting new food has always been one of my favorite things to do.


University St. Gallen

Dufourstrasse 50

9000 St. Gallen

evolve by oikos

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